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The Globes

Sinter Songs EP
man001: The Globes / Sinter Songs Ep
man001   CD-EP self-released   March 2010
  1. Stay Awake
  2. Pretty Birds
  3. Untitled
    • A Stitch Couldn't Save The World

Hailing from Spokane, Washington, The Globes (Erik Walters, Marcus Ourada, Kyle Musselwhite, and Sean McCotter) formed in their teenage years, spending afternoons in their sleepy city collaboratively dissecting and interpreting the fundamentals of songwriting, experimentation and craft while forging together their own musical inspirations to fabricate a singular and precocious sound based on the traditional guitar, bass, drum lineup. Sinter Songs is a conglomeration of 4 moody songs based on the intricate rhythms and dynamics overlayed by noisy and textural guitar work.

Technically meticulous and emphatically, desperately emotional. Seattle's full of rock bands that can show off an impressive level of technical savvy. I just haven't heard any that made me care this much. - Seattle Weekly



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bark110: The Globes / Future Self
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