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Nada Surf

If I Had a Hi-Fi
mdv02: Nada Surf / If I Had A Hi-Fi
mdv02   CD Mardev Records   June 2010
  1. Electrocution
  2. Enjoy The Silence
  3. Love Goes On!
  4. Janine
  5. You Were So Warm
  6. Love And Anger
  7. Agony Of Laffitte
  8. Bye Bye Beaute
  9. Question
  10. Bright Side
  11. Evolution
  12. I Remembered What I Was Going To Say

Nada Surf bring their trademark sense of harmony and musical craftsmanship to 12 of their favorite songs with their new release, If I Had a Hi-Fi, the band's first album of covers.



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CD US$10


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