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Mount Analog

New Skin
fg18: Mount Analog / New Skin
fg18   CD FILMguerrero   June 2004
  1. Haywire
  2. Harry Smith's Cats
  3. Night Night
  4. Bell And Howell
  5. Festival Of Errors
  6. Fall
  7. Giving Up The Ghost
  8. Gospel Melodica
  9. Still
  10. Freeze Green
  11. The Wake

New Skin is the second full-length album from Seattle based musician/producer Tucker Martine's Mount Analog collective. The first album was released in 1997 by the Bay Area's Pehr Label, and was compiled mostly of compositions Martine had made for a slow, dark Japanese dance form called Butoh. In the years since this first effort, Martine has become a highly sought-after producer and musician, and has worked on records by artists as accomplished and diverse as Jim White, Keith Lowe Fred Chalenor, Dave Carter, Modest Mouse, The Long Winters, Laura Veirs, Land of the Loops, Bill Frisell, Sam Rivers, Jesse Sykes, John Zorn, and Lori Carson. New Skin was made gradually between these sessions and recorded mostly in Martine's Flora Studio in Seattle, Washington. The record is immediately engaging and cinematic; repeated listenings reveal intricate layers of early American folk, classical ambience, as well as Martine's extensive field recording work in Morocco, Mali, Turkey and the US. The result is a strikingly original and haunting collage. From the design of Jeff Kleinsmith, Mount Analog's New Skin is delivered in mighty drill-proof digipack packaging.



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