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Mates of State

Our Constant Concern
prc046: Mates of State / Our Constant Concern
prc046   LP Polyvinyl Records   January 2002
  1. Hoarding It For Home
  2. 10 Years Later
  3. Uber Legitimate
  4. Girls Singing
  5. I Know, And I Said Forget It
  6. Quit Doin' It
  7. A Duel Will Settle This
  8. Clean Out
  9. Halves And Have-Nots
  10. As Night As Now

Our constant concern is Mates' second album and follow-up to 2000's my solo project. With Dave Trumfio (The Pulsars, Wilco) engineering at his Kingsize studio in LA, Mates were able to capture their unique drums/organ/vocals sound and pull off the "make two people sound like four" trick with ease.





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