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Mates of State

Team Boo
prc065: Mates of State / Team Boo
prc065   CD Polyvinyl Records   September 2003
  1. Ha Ha
  2. Whiner's Bio
  3. Fluke
  4. Open Book
  5. Middle Is Gold
  6. The Kissaway
  7. Gotta Get A Problem
  8. Parachutes (Funeral Song)
  9. An Experiment
  10. Sound It Off
  11. I Got This Feelin'
  12. Separate The People

Now available on clear vinyl!

For their third album, Mates of State discovered the perfect studio environment to capture their unique blend of vintage Yamaha organ, drums, off-kilter harmonies, and the unique dynaism that holds it all together. The album was recorded and mixed over three weeks at both Willie Nelson's Pedernales and Jim Eno's The Garage studios.



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CD US$12


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