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Say Hi

Ferocious Mopes
rbg0105: Say Hi To Your Mom / Ferocious Mopes
rbg0105   CD Euphobia Records   June 2005
  1. The Twenty-Second Century
  2. The Death Of Girl Number Two
  3. The Forest Scares The Hell Out Of Me
  4. Yeah, I'm In Love With An Android
  5. I Think I'll Be A Good Ghost
  6. Dimensions And Verticals
  7. Recurring Motifs In Historical Flirtings
  8. Mosquitos In The Stucco
  9. Poor Pete Is A Bit Self Conscious
  10. As Smart As Geek Is Chic Right Now

The third, critically acclaimed record from the then Brooklyn based indie pop outfit. This one straddles the line between heartwarming fragility and sheer rock jams. Spin even said this record "recalls the futuristic feeling of Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie ... that intellectual battle with impending modernity and the feeling of alienation from real humanity explored by Grandaddy and Radiohead ... Eno-esque with eerie, fantastical motifs."



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CD US$12


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