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republic19865: Phantogram / Voices
republic19865   CD Republic Records   February 2014
  1. Nothing But Trouble
  2. Black Out Days
  3. Fall In Love
  4. Never Going Home
  5. The Day You Died
  6. Howling At The Moon
  7. Bad Dreams
  8. Bill Murray
  9. I Don't Blame You
  10. Celebrating Nothing
  11. My Only Friend

Since 2007, Phantogram's music has evolved organically, and the band's career has mirrored that development. Formed in Saratoga Springs, a small city in upstate New York, longtime friends Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel crafted music untroubled by outside interference. With each new release and tour since 2009 debut Eyelid Movies, their sound has progressed - and so has their popularity. Yet Voices makes no concessions to commercialism. From inception to execution, Phantogram's second album stays true to the aesthetic that has won them a wide, disparate fan base.




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CD US$12


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