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Steve Turner

Searching for Melody
rrrrr01: Steve Turner / Searching For Melody
rrrrr01   CD Roslyn Recordings   June 2003
  1. The Idiot Blues
  2. Living Through The Mistakes
  3. Searching For Melody
  4. I Want You In My Arms
  5. Smart Operator
  6. Not Only You
  7. Sometimes I'm Wrong
  8. Nothing But The Blues
  9. You, My Girl
  10. I'm 37
  11. Instro #1
  12. New Years Day
  13. Take Care
  14. Last Call

To those who are familiar with his work in Mudhoney, Steve Turner's solo work may come as a bit of a surprise. Truth be told, he actually set out to make a folk record – though the result is definitely Turner's unique version of the "f-word," tempered by his punk rock background. In his own words, "It's just music I can play by myself on an acoustic guitar."



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