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Mates of State

My Solo Project
prc061: Mates of State / My Solo Project
  1. Names
  2. Proofs
  3. What I Could Stand For
  4. La'hov
  5. Nice Things That Look Good
  6. A Control Group
  7. Throw Down
  8. I Have Space
  9. Everyone Needs An Editor
  10. Tan/Black
  11. Ride Again
  12. More In Me

My solo project is Mates of State's critically acclaimed, difficult-to-find, yet highly sought-after debut album. The record was originally released in 2000 on Omnibus and was sold primarily by the band on tour. As the Mates' fan base began to build quickly, the record gained a near cult status as the band literally sold thousands of copies at shows. In 2003, Polyvinyl was proud to re-release my solo project from obscurity, with bonus, revamped artwork.


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