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Say Hi

The Wishes and the Glitch
rbg0117: Say Hi / The Wishes And The Glitch
  1. Northwestern Girls
  2. Shakes Her Shoulders
  3. Toil And Trouble
  4. Back Before We Were Brittle
  5. Oboes Bleat And Triangles Tink
  6. Magic Beans And Truth Machines
  7. Bluetime
  8. Spiders
  9. Zero To Love
  10. Apples For The Innocent
  11. We Lost The Albatross

The wishes and the glitch is the first record to feature the band's tidier, new band name. The songs here are a chronicle of Say Hi songwriter Eric Elbogen's move from New York City to Seattle. Two of them also feature guest vocals from the likes of Barsuk's own David Bazan and John Roderick (The Long Winters). Rolling Stone Magazine writes: "The band's new name should bring with it some new respect for Eric Elbogen, whose melancholy indie rock has gotten stronger and more serious over five albums."


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